Seafood Fried Rice


a quick fix meal for everyone 

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Keeping the toys

Have been keeping him at home since his discharge from the KK hospital. Had the rotavirus jab on last weekend. So far so good. On the recovery track.

We decided not to send him to childcare.

If I withdraw him from childcare, also means I have to be a SAHM for few more years. Should I ?

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Mini Baked Traditional Mooncake




Hub, Zann and myself made these mini moon cakes together. It’s been a loooong time since we baked together. Now that we have baby Ian around, it’s a multi tasking challenge.

Our cravings for moon cakes are satisfied for now.  :)

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Madeleine (w/o baking powder)


We never tried madeleine before, until I bought them on last weekend when baby Ian was hospitalised in KKH. A box of six cost $4 from Delifrance. Guess what, both Zann and myself finished them less than an hour! Both of us were addicted!  

I went back to buy another 2 more boxes. Even Daddy also love them. Heh. 

So there, I decided to bake them since we all love madeleines although we never tasted or know how a real madeleine taste like. 


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First Day. 

Last weekend was not good for all of us. Baby Ian dehydrated from vomiting after coming back from childcare. He did not eat whatever I cook and could not drink milk either. So I decided to send him to KK hospital. 


He was feeling so restless on the first day in the hospital. Slept the whole day on drip. 


… smiling at Daddy who took this shot. 

Sign of recovery on the second day. 



After 2 days on drip in the hospital, Doc gave approval  to go home. 

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Salmon with garlic, lemon and dill


For dinner. 

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Dinner Mee Goreng



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Orange Bread


Love these orange sweet bread I baked today. Especially the orange zest.

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