Saying ‘allo’

I was singing 5 little monkeys in the background. Baby Ian joined me by saying Allo (Hello). That’s his fav nursery rhythms.

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Fried beehoon and noodle for early lunch, since we didn’t have it for a kong time. 

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Cheese Fruit Cake 杂果乳酪蛋糕


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Chocolate Croissants

16 3 4

Flaky and buttery croissants. Still wet inside when I sliced it.


Took a shot on the next day, which was better.

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Caramel Milk Loaf



Hearty lunch to start my day. 

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Beef Stew


Cooked this one pot dish for everyone in the family. Easier. And the kids like it.  



Turned my home baked ciabatta into garlic bread with homemade garlic spread. 

Recipe for garlic spread is simple. Just add minced garlic and parsley flakes into soften butter and toast, that’s it! See my bread, I added so much garlic. Shiok to the max! 


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Ciabatta for Dinner


Homebaked ciabatta with grilled chicken, garlic spread and garden salad. Fulfilling and satisfied! 

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Honey and Lemon Chicken


Baked these honey n lemon chicken for dinner. Hub said nice. :D 

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