Blueberry Chiffon


Finally received the heart-shaped chiffon tin which Hub has ordered for me. I am so happy. Told them I will use it more often now. My motivation to bake more chiffon cake in this cake tin. Haha. 


Recipe (adapted from 戚枫蛋糕秘方传授)

egg yolk 70g
*milk 20g
60g vegetable oil
80g blueberry jam
1tbsp lemon juice
90g plain flour
20g sugar

egg white 180g
80g sugar
10g corn flour

Make blueberry jam. 150g blueberries (blended), water, lemon juice. Cook under low heat until thicken slightly.

Mix all ingredients except flour. Combine everything well before fold in the flour.

Beat egg white until peak form. Fold 1/3 egg white to egg yolk mixture. Fold in 1/2 of the mixture and then remaining. Pour into 20cm chiffon cake tin.

Bake in preheated oven at 160C for 40min.

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Strawberry milk pudding


Recipe (used 3 mini milk jar)

gelatine 3g
egg yolk 2
sugar 30g
whipped cream 30g
strawberries +milk 230g

Puree strawberries + milk in a blender. Mix gelatine powder with cold water, set aside for 15mins. Combine egg yolks and sugar in a sauce pan. Add in strawberry milk and cream and whisk under low heat, until sugar dissolve and mixture thickens. Add in gelatine. Sieve the mixture though fine sieve. Cool down and pour into the milk jar. Refrigerate and set.

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Cheesecake with chocolate topping 巧克力乳酪蛋糕


Recipe adapted from :君之 (6寸托底模)

Digestive biscuits 100g butter 50g
crush the digestive biscuits. Hand mix with the unsalted butter. Combine together and press the mixture into the cake tin. Set aside in the fridge.
cream cheese 250g Eggs 2 Sugar 50g  Whipped cream 60ml  Vanilla essence 1/4 tsp
Cream cheese, bring to room temp. Use double boiler method to soften the cream cheese. Add in sugar and combine. Use electric beater and beat in egg one by one. Once combined, remove from the heat. Add in whipped cream and vanilla essence. Pour into the cake tin. Steam bake at 150C for 60min.Chocolate topping:
chocolate bar (break into pieces)  70g whipped cream 60g unsalted butter 10g
Use double boiler to melt the chocolate and add in unsalted butter. Stir in whipped cream. Set aside for awhile. Pour into the cake tin once the cake has cooled down. Chill in the fridge for 4hrs before cutting.
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Blueberry bread with purple potato swirl



Blueberry bread baked in the tube pan, with purple potato swirl. I love its purple hue.

紫色的蓝莓面包,紫薯馅. 天然的紫色让人眼前一亮
bread flour 300g
salt 3g
sugar 15g
instant dry yeast 5g
blueberry puree 150g
water 50-60g
unsalted butter 30g
Mix all ingredients tog except butter. No need to use up all the water. Stop once dough is formed. Rub in butter and knead till smooth and elastic. Proof for 1hr or until dough increase x2. Punch in to release air. Shape accordingly. (I added purple potato on my own). Proof for 45mins. Bake in preheated oven at 180C for 20mins.
*Normal straight dough method.
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Oreo Cheesecake, again!

3 4 5

The girl had two servings for breakfast. Half the cake was gone. I love making this.  :D

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奥利奥芝士蛋糕 Oreo cheese cake


Recipe (adapted from 孟老师的100道小蛋糕) 

 A. 奶油 (软化) 15g  Oreo饼干 (压碎)55g

 B. 奶油乳酪 150g 细糖 50g 鲜奶油 85g 低筋面粉 1tsp 蛋黄 1粒 Oreo饼 20g (掰成小块)

长方形模型 (18x8x6cm) 铺上铝箔纸。A材料混合一起,取1/2份量铺在模型,压紧。奶油乳酪加入细砂糖,以隔水加热的方式,用打蛋器搅拌至无颗粒的光滑状。加入鲜奶油,用打蛋器搅拌均匀,离开热水。降温后,加入低筋面粉及蛋黄,用打蛋器搅呈均匀的乳酪糊。把一半的乳酪糊倒入模型,将掰成小块的Oreo铺在乳酪糊上。倒入剩余的乳酪糊,再用汤匙将奶油饼干削铺在乳酪糊上面。最后将长于烤模的铝箔纸向内折盖上乳酪糊表面。 放入预热180′C的烤箱,烘烤约30~35分钟。


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Black Sesame Buns with Red Bean


我喜欢小小 和少少的, 就象这个黑芝麻泥面包 。做出来的面包也只有五个。刚刚好啦,做太多又吃不完。 也很 开心因为面包柔软香甜还能拉丝.

My feathery soft fluffy black sesame sweet bun with red bean paste fillings.  Spot the 拉丝 ? …where the crumbs tears off like strands of silk… 



Recipe (adapted from  烘焙新手 pg 44)

bread flour 160g
black sesame 10g
sugar 20g
yeast 3g
salt 2g
butter 20g
egg 20g
milk 20ml
water 55-60ml
Combine all the dry ingredients except butter. Combine egg and milk together and mix into the dry ingredients. Slowly add in the water until the dough is formed. Rub in the butter and Knead until smooth and elastic. Set aside in warm plc and proof for an hour or so until the dough doubled in size. Punch in to release air. Divide the dough into 6 pieces. Put in the fillings and wrap into round shape. Proof them in a pound cake tin/ muffin tin for 40mins. Bake in preheated oven for 20mins at 180C.
200g red bean paste mix with 15g sesame seeds.
Note the dough is sticky. But I continue to knead for 20mins until it becomes smooth. Do not have to add in all the water.
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Hair Cut by Mama




Baby Ian’s fringe was cut until …like that. I actually meant to give a neat snip cos it almost reached his eyebrow…who knows… sigh 


I texted Hub and sent him the photo, and he replied, 



Even most of my friends also commented Ugly.  :( 

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