Pineapple Cakes [Taiwan version]


Zann  and I miss Taiwan pineapple cakes, which we fondly remember the ones we bought from Taiwan’s Li Yi Cake Shop (李儀餅店) 2 yrs ago… Today we decided to make some by using oat flour and ground almonds for the pastry dough. Healthier version.

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2nd batch: Pineapple tarts (Enclosed melt in the mouth)



My second batch. Spent hours baking singlehandedly and packing them into tubs, waiting to deliver. 

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Kek Lapis

L1 L2 L3 L4


Recipe steps posted in 

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Butter Rolls

B1 B2


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Taiwanese style air fry chicken. 


炒白米粉 Hub’s fav. 

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Hong Kong Egg Tarts



I love to eat hong kong style egg tarts. Reminds me so much of Tai Cheong egg tarts we tried in Hong Kong last time. I miss Hong Kong.

Zann and Hub loves to egg tarts, so there, baked 12 HongKong style egg tarts for them. :D

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Dorayaki (Japanese Red Bean Pancake)

11 img_2305

Made these for the kids. Zann loves these. Better still, they are so easy to make. 

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巧可力排包 Chocolate milk bread bun


面包。不常吃,因为怕胖。不过却做上瘾了。就是那份满足感。48小时的发酵, 30分钟的搓揉!就这样做了巧可力排包给家人。 



48hr pre fermented starter dough, 30mins hand knead = super soft chocolate and milk bread bun,  Our first homemade bread in 2015!



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