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Black pepper chicken wings

Prepared this for dinner as per Hb’s wish.

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Braised Soya Sauce Chicken

Braised soya sauce chicken, our all time favourite comfort food. Zann loves this dish every time I cook this. She love the braising sauce on her rice.

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Pork ball and carrot soup

Easy and simple soup for the family. Zann likes her soup with lots of carrots.

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Pregnancy Log: week 23 and 24

There’s more waking up in sleeping time for the past weeks. Sleeping on either sides and back is like so difficult. There were times I couldn’t sleep during the night at all.  Afternoon nap is so important to me nowadays. … Continue reading

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Lunch of the day

Back to cooking again… Fish has come back into my daily meal. (after so many months of morning sickness and omitting fish).  For now, it’s like having cod fish everyday.  I like my fried cod fish, doufu with celery with … Continue reading

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