Pregnancy log: Week 15

It’s been awhile since the last update in this space. My computer hard disk crashed and I have to endure for so long before Daddy fixed it for me. Finally everything is back to norm.
I am still not done with the Taiwan posts and the header for this blog.

Daddy wanted a road trip to Malacca together with his folks. But I hesitated, although it was tempting. I worried about my morning sickness condition inside the car during the 3hrs journey. Not feeling good about it.  So the plan was cancelled.

I am at week 15 now.

Still feel nauseous and sleepy at times. My appetite comes and go too.  Now I can take abit of fish finally. I managed to keep the fried fish soup down my throat. Yeah.  Mum came over with her chicken soup, telling me how it can cure morning sickness.  I had many rounds of bird’s nest.  Zann loves it too. I told her it’s bird’s saliva.  lol

Did the Oscar test and the result was good.

My plan to spend a good school holiday with Zann was cancelled too. The girl saw how I rushed to toilet to  throw up each time after a meal. I told her I will plan again when I feel better.  *Guilt*


That day, the girl showed me her finished  POP up craftwork. Did you see the four of us ?



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2 Responses to Pregnancy log: Week 15

  1. Mery says:


    Have a good rest…

  2. cyn says:

    week 15 fast !! we gotta meet up soon ;)

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