Brother’s Birthday

This year we celebrated brother’s birthday at Soup Restaurant instead of the HK street Chze Char place. Mum suggested Soup Restaurant because she heard their Samsui chicken is good. Brother’s galfriend joined in the lunch as well. If only Uncle is still around with us…

Brother with his girlfriend.

Braised Doufu. My favourite.

I thought this is pork. But then, I have cut down eating pork these days. I didn’t take this when I knew this is deer’s meat. Zann only had a bite.

Corn Soup

This is the only meat dish I ate.

Their must try specialty dish, Samsui Chicken.

Salad Prawn. Brother’s favourite. Zann doesn’t like it. The girl said not nice. Hmm…

A family shot of everyone.

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One Response to Brother’s Birthday

  1. Willyn says:

    Mmm..the food pics make my tummy crave and starve. I’m pretty sure they are all yummy :-)
    Happy Bday to your Bro..

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