Stamps are FUN !

Zann and I spent our afternoon at the Philatelic Museum.




The girl turns into a stamp !


They even had a bunny wonderland specially for 2011 (bunny) year.


The bunnies family under the grass. Very innovative idea.


…. putting up a show on her own.


… a peek into the olden days

There were also other things, the different types of vending machines, stamps from all over the world, how the post office worked in olden days. Zann likes the place even though it’s her second time going there. It’s definitely a good exposure for the girl. She gets to know postman and stamps better.

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2 Responses to Stamps are FUN !

  1. kkf says:

    nothing much to see there leh, zann really look at the stamps? dash didn’t really want to look, he had not much interest with stamps.

    cendrine: yes, zann likes the stamps in the bunny wonderland. Before that, she was taught what special people do (occupations) in school. Must explain to dash at home to reinforce what was taught in school lor.

  2. Libby says:

    I love this post. My friend mamabliss also took her children to this museum, good exposure. Do visit back my blog and leave me some comments, cheers!

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