Zann and Denzel Gor Gor

The girl was happy to see Denzer Gor Gor again.

It’s good and heartening to see how well they play together.


Huizhen told me that she hasn’t been on a trip for 7 years. Not even her boys either. They feel contented with their simple frugal life, simple stuffs which they can afford.

“Once you get started giving in to temptation, you ll always want to have it. and it’s a never ending cycle. ”  Life is really much more than material wants. It’s all in the mind.


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2 Responses to Zann and Denzel Gor Gor

  1. kkf says:

    wow, meaningful words. :) simple is beauty! a phrase i like nowadays!

  2. rachel says:

    sometimes being with friends and family is enough. What ur friend said is true. Once we give into temptation, more will come. In the past, where do we hear of ppl travelling every quarter, every yr? I wonder can i switch back to a very simple life.. free of worries, money, etc… Perhaps move back to a kampung!!!

    cendrine: it’s meaningful said. but it all depends what lifestyle we want.

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