Caramel Milk Loaf



Hearty lunch to start my day. 

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Beef Stew


Cooked this one pot dish for everyone in the family. Easier. And the kids like it.  



Turned my home baked ciabatta into garlic bread with homemade garlic spread. 

Recipe for garlic spread is simple. Just add minced garlic and parsley flakes into soften butter and toast, that’s it! See my bread, I added so much garlic. Shiok to the max! 


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Ciabatta for Dinner


Homebaked ciabatta with grilled chicken, garlic spread and garden salad. Fulfilling and satisfied! 

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Honey and Lemon Chicken


Baked these honey n lemon chicken for dinner. Hub said nice. :D 

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Taiwan 卤肉饭


Taiwan 卤肉饭, which I cooked for everyone. Zann’s specially requested for pork belly. Nothing beats home cooked, but we still miss the Taichung’s version though. 

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Chocolate wassants



I love chocolate wassants. After trying Provence’s wassants, I wanted to learn in making them. And I can bake them on weekend when hub is around to take care of baby Ian. 





When I read through the recipe and learnt that is a 85% hydration level. I was hesitant. Sticky dough indeed! But I still went ahead to try. If I don’t try I wouldn’t know. So I hand knead this time. Took me nearly 40mins to reach window pane. Hard work!  

My chocolate wassants turned so dark after I egg washed them.. Can you see the chocolate swirls inside? Zann waited anxiously at the oven and was the first to take two and ate them right away. I was surprise she would eat cos she doesn’t like chocolates. Nevertheless I am happy lah. 

I read some recipes used water roux method. I will practise on the wassants again. 

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Zesty lemon cake




A zesty lemon cake, with lemon zests this time and it taste so much better than the orange cake I baked previously. This time, I used different method to bake this light and ‘fragile’ cake without butter.

Suitable for the older folks who prefer not so much butter. My mom and umm, myself ( I’m getting older). We are the types who prefer simple ‘light’ cake with minimum butter.

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Orange Cake


So many mandarin oranges on my table, which I wanted to clear. Wanted to bake myself a good butter cake last week but no time. Until today I finally bake myself a not so buttery small orange cake. Too much buttery pastries during CNY last week so this time must control.

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