75% whole wheat bread


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Yesterday I saw a similar wholemeal bread at Yamazaki sold for $1.90. I told myself I am going to try bake this bread at home again. By using Ken Forkish ‘s book. I didn’t do well in the scoring part. Overall the bread taste good. Crusty and soft inside. My hard work paid off. 

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Rainbow Cake


Baked this rainbow cake when I was feeling moody. It’an unplanned bake actually. So whether it’s artificial or natural colour, just want to bake this cake to make myself happy. Once awhile, i guess no harm putting colours…

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We played selfie on a rainy day at home.  :D

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For you…


Hub came back with this surprise. My fav sashimi.

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2nd day in school


The kids had fried rice for lunch in the centre today. 



Ian didn’t finish his fried rice. He left the table, which I think probably he doesn’t like. 


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Nestum cereal fish. 


Vegetarian mock goose. 


chicken curry. 


She had 3 servings  fav chicken curry for her dinner. 
It’s a long time since she ate so much. 

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Chocolate Brioche

14 23

Brioche is nice to eat but cannot eat more cos of it’s super high buttery content, same as croissants. 

Curiosity made me went ahead to bake this, by adding milk chocolate. Fortunately it turned out soft and good, although my milk chocolate chips melted into the dough.

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Danish Cinnamon Swirl Rolls


They are flaky and buttery, which took me almost all day to complete, but the results are worth it. 


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