Carrot Bread


Carrot Bread for the kids and myself. Love the colour. :) 

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Going Chicken


Kung Pao Chicken. Another 6 days more. Clearing whatever I had in the fridge. 



Steamed chicken with ginger and fungus. 

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Expresso + Chocolate = Tiramisu. Our Fav. 

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Purple Sweet Potato Cheesecake


Made this petite size no bake cheesecake for myself.  Love petite cake!  

Another 18 days more. :) 

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Another day


The haze became worse than ever. It has reached the unhealthy level. Affected my mood as well. I can’t go for my run. :(  Thanks to Indonesia haze, we have to spend our weekend indoor. 

And I am more tired than norm days. Exhausted

The boy was sick with cough again. Had a mild fever. While my energy was drained, he was still as active as usual. 

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Nutella Peanut Butter French Toast


Didn’t want to waste the expired bread so made them into french toast with peanut butter and nutella. They were sinfully good! 


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Gula Melaka Cendol Agar Agar

1 3

Time for some cooling dessert. 

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Sick again on Children Day


I fetched Baby Ian back from childcare and he has been vomitted whatever he had ate from the centre. His teacher did not inform me. I found out from Daddy that they forgot to inform. I was not very happy with the teachers’ attitude. But then, Daddy still insist to keep baby Ian in school for the learning reason. 

Brought him to KK hospital again. No need to hospitalise. Lucky! 


Brought Zann to this Thai restaurant for dinner because she was hungry by the time we left KK hospital. 


Her requested green curry again. 




Spicy mango salad, my dinner. Didn’t want to eat so much since so late. 


Would not come back again cos I find the food expensive and not nice. Totally not worth the $ spent. 


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