Charcoal bread loaf with cheese


I love BLACK which is always my favourite colour. Better still, using edible charcoal with detoxification benefits in the nice! 


Recipe  (adapted from  Carol 100道无添加纯天然手感面包 pg 180)

makes one 20cm x 10cm x 10cm loaf tin

A . Bread flour 230g   Wheat flour  50g   Charcoal powder 1.5T  Instant dry yeast 1/2t castor sugar 15g  salt 1/2 t  olive oil  20g  milk 230 ml  cheddar cheese 50g

B. egg (for brushing)

In a large mixing bowl, add all ingredients in Set A and mix well till it comes together to form a soft dough. Reserve the milk 30ml. Add in bit by bit and knead till combined.

Place the dough in a bowl, cover with plastic wrap and let proof for at least 60 minutes. or until the size double.

Punch out the air in the proofed dough. Roll out into 20cm x 30cm long.

Put the cheddar cheese (cut into smaller pieces) on top and roll like a swiss roll.

Place in to loaf tin and proof till it fills 90% of the tin.

Preheat the oven to 170°C. Brush the surface with egg wash.

Bake in the oven for 40minutes and remove from tin immediately after the bread is done.


Note: The recipe (chinese)  is also found in Carol老师’s blog)

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Apple Crumble Muffins


Just gotten myself another new cookbook. This is good. The recipes are for 2 persons. I love small quantity.  I think my shelf is overloaded with cookbooks until hub asked me to stop buying. I keep telling myself to control each time I go bookstore…but I still can’t resist.



Someone asked on my FB page why I baked so much almost everyday…I was like huh…Did I bake everyday?  and that whether I can finish my bakes…blah blah…I was like huh..Seriously I don’t bake everyday. I don’t bake on weekends unless is bread. I feed my family a new loaf of bread every week. I don’t understand  why I need to answer for my bakes! Kind of pissed me off lah. Even if iI do bake everyday, so what’s the problem?

I love to bake because its passion. And doing something to make myself happier at home. I am stuck at hm with two kids, you know.

Ok never mind. Enough of my rants! Back to my apple crumble muffins…


Recipe (makes 4) 


cake flour 120g
light brown sugar 40g
baking powder 1tsp
salt 1/4 tsp
unsalted butter 60g (soften at room temp)
egg 50g
milk 60g

Apple fillings

apple 120g
cinnamon sugar 20g

crumble topping

cake flour 30g
light brown sugar 30g
almond powder 30g
unsalted butter 30g


Peel the apple skin and boil in water until soften. Drain the water, and add in cinnamon sugar combine with the apple. Set aside.

Combine all the ingredients for the crumble toppings. Use fingers to rub to make the mixture into crumbles. Set aside in the fridge for 30mins.

Add unsalted butter into a mixer bowl. Add in sugar and salt. Use hand whisk to combine until pale colour.

Add in egg bit by bit and mix well.

Add in sifted flour and baking powder. Fold well and pour in the milk and combine together.

Add in the apple fillings into the cake batter. Pour into muffin cups. Spoon the crumble toppings on top.

Bake in preheated oven at 180 degree C for 20mins.


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Purple Sweet Potato Milk Bread Loaf


Recipe (adapted from  原味 — Carol 100道无添加纯天然手感面包 pg 162 )

makes one loaf using a 20cm x10cm x10cm loaf pan

Purple sweet potato (steamed and mashed) 150g
Bread flour 250g
Instant dry yeast 3/4 tsp
Sugar 30g
Salt 1/4tsp
Unsalted butter 30g (cut into cubes, soften at room temp)
Milk 150ml  (I used full cream milk)

Knead all ingredients of the main dough together, except the butter. Add in the milk bit by bit, stop at 30ml first. Knead until  the dough is formed, add in the remaining milk slowly. Knead the dough until non-sticky. Rub in the soften butter and continue to knead until the dough turns elastic. (I took 30mins to finish this stage). It should be elastic, and can be stretched into a thin membrane without tearing/breaking apart easily. Put the dough into a big bowl. Cover and proof it for an hour or until the dough turns double.

Remove dough from the bowl. Dust work surface with bread flour and give the dough a few light kneading to press out the gas. Cover with cling wrap or damp cloth and leave it to rest for about 10mins. Flatten the dough and cut out 2 dough, each weigh 305g,  roll out into a oblong shape about 40cm. Roll up the dough along the shorter end like a swiss roll to form a log. Turn 90 degree, flatten and roll again. Repeat for the other dough. Place both dough seam side down in a well greased loaf pan. Cover with cling wrap or damp cloth and leave dough to proof for the second time for an hour, or until double in size.

Bake in pre-heated oven at 210 degrees C for 40 minutes. Remove from oven, unmold and transfer to rack to let cool.


Note: I need to improve on my slicing skill.

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Moo Moo Japanese Cheesecake


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Blue Pea Flowers Zebra chiffon cake


Used a 17cm tube cake tin to bake blue pea flower zebra chiffon cake. I was so excited after I received the flower from a friend in FB. So so grateful to her.

It’s natural blue colour! And I feel so much assured eating the cake with natural colour.  :)


Recipe (adapted and tweaked from my cookbook, 自己做職人配方戚風蛋糕[新版)

Use 17cm tube cake tin

4 egg yolk
50ml vegetable oil
50ml milk
Cake flour 60g
Corn flour 10g

4 egg white
sugar 65g

Blue Pea flower essence  20 petals boiled in 2tbsp water

Add egg yolks into the mixer bowl, mix well with veg oil. Add milk and combine well.

(I use hand whisk to whisk till the mixture turns pale and thick)

Add in sifted flour mixture and fold well. Divide batter into half. Add blue pea flower essence into one of the batter.

Beat egg white until fluffy. (stiff peak, short curl at the whisk tip) . Divide the meringue into parts and fold into the yolk mixture.

Pour the two types of  batter into the mould alternatively.

Bake at preheated oven at 170C for 30mins.

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奶油瓜奇异籽吐 Butternut bread loaf with chia seeds


Hand knead Butternut bread loaf. Kneading takes 30mins for me. Now that I make our own bread, we hardly buy bread from the bakery shops. Unless I am too tired to make.  :D



It’s tiring to hand knead, I admit. But making your own bread from the start to finish is an aesthetic pleasure. The satisfaction is even greater when you feed your family healthy homemade bread loaf.



Again, I cut the slices unevenly again. Need to remind myself to get a proper bread knife.



Recipe (adapted from  原味 — Carol 100道无添加纯天然手感面包 pg 168) 

Pumpkin Puree (I used butternut to replace) 200g

Bread flour 280g
Instant dry yeast 3/4 tsp
sugar 15g
salt  1/4 tsp (I actually forgot to add)
Olive oil 30g
Assorted nuts (I replaced with chia seeds)  60g


Peel off  the pumpkin skin and steam. Take out 200g and blend into puree, set aside.

Bake assorted nuts for 7-8mins at 150C. (I didn’t bake my chia seeds, I merely added them into the dough)

Add all the ingredients. Pour the oil bit by bit until the dough is formed. Continue to knead until the dough turns elastic and non-sticky.

Roll onto the chia seeds and spray water onto the dough, set aside in the warm place to proof for 60mins. (I proof for 120mins)

Pour some bread flour onto the work surface to manage dough easily. Punch out the air, divide the increased (risen) dough into 2 portions, each 290g. Rest 10mins.

Roll the dough into 40cm, turn 90 degree and flatten and roll again (like a swiss roll). Repeat for the other dough.

Put both doughs into the bread tin and spray water onto the surface, set aside in the warm place to proof for 60-70mins or until they have risen double.

Bake in preheated oven of 210 degree C for 38mins.

Remove bread from tin immediately once done and cool completely on a cooling rack before slicing.


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Easy cake pop (mini egg cakes)


Using egg cakes to do cake pops. These small egg cakes were baked by my cake pop silicon mould, which I bought 3 months ago. The girl has been asking for cake pops since last month. I have so much to bake on my bake list, until I keep shelving. Seriously, I don’t like to eat cake which is so sweet.


The girl helped to decorate by dipping these little cakes into her favourite strawberry chocolate. I reserved one chocolate cake pop for myself. One is enough for me. Remember, I don’t like to eat super sweet cake.  :)



Recipe (makes 15 cake pops using the silicon cake pop mould)

2 large eggs
80g sugar
pinch of salt
90g plain flour
1/2 tsp baking powder
20g coconut oil

Preheat oven 180C.

Whip eggs, sugar and salt until light and fluffy.

Fold in sifted flour (flour + baking powder).

Add oil and combine well with spatula.

Pour into the mould. Bake at the middle rack for 20mins at 180C. Set aside to cool.

Note: You can use your favourite semi chocolate, dark chocolates, strawberry candy melts to do the coating.


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Beetroot Loaf 甜菜根双色吐司


This bread loaf uses straight dough method. And took me almost an hour to hand knead, another 2 hrs to proof.  The main ingredient is beetroot , which Zann doesn’t like. So adding beetroot is a  good way to encourage kids to eat, I think.



Recipe (adapted from 原味 — Carol 100道无添加纯天然手感面包 pg 224) 

Use pullman tin (20cmx10cmx10cm)

Ingredient A (beet root dough)
beet root 40g
cold water 80ml
bread flour 140g
cake flour 10g
milk powder 10g
instant dry yeast 1/4 tsp
sugar 15g
salt 1/8 tsp
unsalted butter 15g


Add beet root (cut into cubes) into 80ml water and blend into juice. Add all ingredients except butter and beetroot juice. Slowly pour the beetroot juice into the dry mixture until dough is formed. (do not have to use all) Knead the dough until it becomes non sticky. Rub in butter and continue to knead until elastic. (Took me 30mins by hand knead). Set aside the dough into slightly greased bowl and leave it in warm place  and proof for 60mins or until the dough becomes double in size.

Ingredient B (plain dough)
bread flour 140g
cake flour 10g
milk powder 10g
instant dry yeast 1/4 tsp
sugar 15g
salt 1/8 tsp
unsalted butter 15g
egg 1
cold water 50ml

Method is the same as above (mixing ingredient A)

When both dough have increased in double size. Punch out the air and set aside for 15mins. Spread some bread flour onto the work surface to prevent stickiness. Roll out the plain dough into square shape (40cm x 30cm). Roll out the beet root dough (the same size as the plain dough) and place on top. Roll both dough like rolling swiss roll. Cut three strips (leaving 3cm at the top uncut), and start to tie the three strips into a braid dough. Fold in both ends underneath when place inside the tin. Set aside in a warm place to proof for 60mins or until the dough becomes double in size. Bake in preheated oven of 170 degree C for 38mins or till golden brown, remove bread from tin immediately once done and cool completely on a cooling rack before slicing.

Note: I don’t have a bread knife, hence I didn’t slice it evenly.

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