Healthy Pumpkin Cookies (For Baby)




Make these healthy cookies for Baby Ian on last Friday and he likes them. I made half with chocolate chips for the adults.  :)

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软软的班兰牛油蛋糕 Pandan Butter Cake


I seldom bake butter cake.  Ah..I prefer the light weight and soft chiffon cake more. Heh. But Hub likes butter cake, so I decided to finish the pandan leaves I had. I love the nice soft texture it turns out and the greeny colour. Nice…but I don’t dare to eat too much…lol

Butter Cake which was also my first cake when I started out baking 9 years ago, and it was also related to one unhappy incident. But then, I must really thank that person who really spurred me to bake more and better cakes since then…. 



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Tangy Lemony Pudding cake


just the way my life is now…

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Chocolate Chocolate Chips Loaf Bread


Hub asked for chocolate chocolate chip bread for breakfast. So I decided to bake one, using the white loaf version recipe.



I have problem slicing it cos it’s so soft after cooled down. Almost wanted to use scissors….





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Animal Buns

…..Made these animal buns for Zann.


…the little red bunny bun filled with red bean paste fillings. Natural colouring used from red yeast.  :)


Remember him? …the little brown bear from LINE characters. I filled him with chocolate chips. We have finished him. LOL


bread flour 250g
instant dry yeast 3g
milk 200g
sugar 10g
butter 10g
salt 3g

red yeast powder 3g
valrhona chocolate powder 5g

Normal way of bread making method. Preheat oven 180C, bake at 140C for 15mins.


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Dinner: Cheesy beef stew baked rice


At  Zann’s request, I cooked cheesy beef stew baked rice for dinner. Ah well, I love one pot dish. No need to think so much….

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Lunch: Ayam Masak Merah


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Oreo Pumpkin Loaf Bread 南瓜奧利奧吐司


When I saw Carol 老师 ‘s recipe, I decided to make this at once. Oreos! I love oreos and it also happened that I need to clear my pumpkin in the fridge. Ah..might as well…make this bread for this week. 

I have not make any bread this week. When I started to knead, the feeling was like weird. I seems to lose the momentum of bread kneading. And with the super hot weather plus super loud noise renovation work outside, made me feel even more frustrated….  

I even made a mistake. I pleated wrongly during the first proof. Ahh…See my ugly bread top…  :(



I didn’t use the bread slicer… feel manually slice is better than using the gadget…erm…. and that jittery fear of slicing bread…..



Recipe adapted from Carol 老师 .

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