Chocolate chiffon cake


Ok. I finally succumbed.

Have been thinking about chocolates after I left gym. So I decided to bake myself a chocolate chiffon cake. I was happy with how moist the cake turned out.



Egg yolk 4
Sugar 30g
Salt 1/4 tsp
Veg oil 50g
Milk 50g (I used skimmed milk)
Cocoa Powder (I used the one bought from Phoon Huat) 30g, mixed with 100g warm water  to become chocolate paste
Cake flour 100g

Egg white 4
Sugar 60g

Add 30g of sugar into the egg yolk. Mix well till the colour turns pale. Add oil, followed by milk and mix well. (I used hand whisk) Add chocolate paste and combine well. Add sifted flour and fold well gently. Set aside the egg yolk mixture. Beat egg white until foamy, Add in 1/3 sugar  and continue. Add in remaining sugar and beat till white turns stiff peak. Add beaten egg white into egg yolk mixture in 3 additions. Fold gently until blended. Pour batter into 17cm cake tin and bake at preheated tenp 165C for 40mins.


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Hello Kitty chiffon cake


Zann wanted me to bake a similar Breadtalk hello kitty cake. But I can only bake this chiffon cake for her. I have no fondant. Erm…I don’t like fondant because it’s too sweet for me.

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Sweet Potato Steamed Cake


Sweet potato steamed cake for baby Ian today. For his snack. He was so excited when he saw these pretty red cups on the table.  I thought that was a good sign because the reaction was similar when I gave him the cream cheese steamed cake last week. Who knows, he ate halfway and threw the remaining portion onto the floor. Argh. Messy. I gave him 3 pieces, all ended up smashed cakes on the floor. He wasn’t so keen to eat it, despite my attempt to guide him putting these cakes into his mouth. Sigh.



I regretted not teaching him self feeding early. At times, he can just open his mouth and wait for me to feed him, rather than holding the spoon or food. Now I can only keep on trying until he learns.



100g sweet potato, steamed and mashed
50g sugar
2 eggs
2tbsp formula milk
1 1/2tbsp coconut oil ( or can use olive oil)
90g gluten free plain flour
1tsp aluminium free baking powder

Steam sweet potato until soft and mash. Whisk with sugar and combine well. Add in the egg one by one and combine. Add in oil and milk. Sift in flour and baking powder. Pour batter into paper cups and steam for 14mins.

Note: These little steamed cakes look like huat kueh (which I dislike most) but, they are soft even on the next day.


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一口乳酪麵包 Bite size Parmesan Cheese Bread


When I saw Carol老师’s blog, I was so attracted by these bite size Parmesan Cheese bread. I have her cookbook on cake but not the bread. I will read up her blog whenever I want to use her bread recipe.  Hub loves Parmesan Cheese so I decided to bake these for breakfast.




I added 2tbsp of Parmesan Cheese, (recipe used 1tbsp) which is like not enough for me. Hub said just nice. Or maybe the taste is not cheesy enough for me. I will add more cheese next time. While I knead the  sticky dough for 30 minutes, Zann helped to shape them into heart-shaped bread.



Recipe adapted from Carol老师’s blog.

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[Ice Cream Cone and Dot] Japanese Roll Cake


As per Zann’s request, I baked this Ice cream cone and dots roll cake for her. I used Junko’s design from the cookbook, and used the soufflé sponge recipe from Okashi. Forget about the watermelon decoration. Seriously, it’s just a roll cake, could have just eat like that. Why the need to decorate…Kids, just love anything cute. Seeing the girl eating the roll cake happily made me feel my effort worth it, even though baked at the wee hours.


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