Animal Buns

…..Made these animal buns for Zann.


…the little red bunny bun filled with red bean paste fillings. Natural colouring used from red yeast.  :)


Remember him? …the little brown bear from LINE characters. I filled him with chocolate chips. We have finished him. LOL


bread flour 250g
instant dry yeast 3g
milk 200g
sugar 10g
butter 10g
salt 3g

red yeast powder 3g
valrhona chocolate powder 5g

Normal way of bread making method. Preheat oven 180C, bake at 140C for 15mins.


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Dinner: Cheesy beef stew baked rice


At  Zann’s request, I cooked cheesy beef stew baked rice for dinner. Ah well, I love one pot dish. No need to think so much….

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Lunch: Ayam Masak Merah


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Oreo Pumpkin Loaf Bread 南瓜奧利奧吐司


When I saw Carol 老师 ‘s recipe, I decided to make this at once. Oreos! I love oreos and it also happened that I need to clear my pumpkin in the fridge. Ah..might as well…make this bread for this week. 

I have not make any bread this week. When I started to knead, the feeling was like weird. I seems to lose the momentum of bread kneading. And with the super hot weather plus super loud noise renovation work outside, made me feel even more frustrated….  

I even made a mistake. I pleated wrongly during the first proof. Ahh…See my ugly bread top…  :(



I didn’t use the bread slicer… feel manually slice is better than using the gadget…erm…. and that jittery fear of slicing bread…..



Recipe adapted from Carol 老师 .

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Kueh Lapis 蓝蓝的九层糕


Blue Pea Flowers again…This time I used the flowers to make Kueh Lapis. It’s fun, making it layer by layer. Ok…I love kuehs….I love to make kuehs.

This is the only kueh which Zann eats. I can’t think of what else to make which she will eat.  So I asked her before making this. She said Ok. Oh well, I need my girl’s approval to proceed making kueh…  :D


Recipe (adapted from Kitchen Tigress)

4 pandan leaves (cut 10cm)
100g  sugar
1/3tsp salt
400ml coconut milk
200g tapioca starch
50 blue pea flowers, mix with 3tbsp water (boiled)
parchment paper, according to the cake tin used

Steps followed closely to Kitchen Tigress.

Note : I reduced the sugar (cos that’s all I had in my pantry when I did this. But then the taste is ok.

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Kuih Talam Ubi 三色木薯糕


It’s so difficult to find tapioca at my neighbourhood unless I really have to go wet market. Last weekend, Hub saw a few tapioca at the market and quickly bought three big ones for me. Because he wanted me to make his fav steamed tapioca cake with coconut milk. But I changed my mind. I decided to make Kuih instead.

This is my first kuih attempt. Making these tri natural colours tapioca cake is tedious, with lots of work to prepare, but it’s so worth it. At least a learning  experience for me.


Recipe (tweaked and adapted from Nasi Lemak Lover)

I use an 8′ inch round cake tin

Tapioca layer

350g tapioca, grated
200g coconut milk
3og sugar
2tbsp plain flour
1/2 tsp salt

Combine all the ingredients and spread the paste into the cake tin. steam over high heat for 10mins.


Sweet Potato layer

140g purple sweet potato (steamed and mashed)
1tbsp corn flour
75g tapioca flour
50g sugar
70g coconut milk
100g water

Combine all the ingredients and pour into the cake tin after the tapioca layer is done. Steam for 15mins.


Pandan layer

3tbsp plain flour
2tbsp corn flour
1tbsp tapioca flour
2 eggs
60g sugar
125g pandan juice (blended using  1o pandan leaves)
180g coconut milk

Combine and stir all the ingredients. Strain the mixture into a bowl. Place the bowl over a simmering water to cook. Stirring continuously  until thickens. Remove from heat and pour into the cake tin after sweet potato is done. Steam further for 20mins. Cool and chill before cut.


Note: I reduced the sugar from the original recipe, and I still find the kuih sweet. I replaced rice flour with corn flour.

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Let’s Ogura again… 三色相思蛋糕


I finally mustered my courage to bake ogura cake again. After two failed attempts, I did a research online and decide to try one more time. This time, with blue pea flowers and expresso. Both colours added were quite concentrated. Which explained the colours turned out quite dark. I had wanted pastel colour….





This time I did not line my cake tin with parchment paper, and I beat the egg white till stiff peak. There’s still a slight shrinkage after I wanted to unmould. Ah…again. But better than the two previous attempts. I think I shall stick to round cake tin instead of the square type. So much better. And I adjusted my oven temperature also. First 25min at 130C and then 150C for 30min….


Recipe adapted from here.

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Purple Sweet Potato Steamed Bao


Made these steamed buns for Baby Ian and myself when he was asleep. Wanted to shape them into flowers but the boy woke up from his nap unexpectedly. -_-


Recipe  (adapted from 中式麵食 by 孟老師)


purple sweet potato 280g
unsalted butter 25g
sugar 40g

Steam sweet potato and blend them in food processor. (I used fork to mash them)

Melt the unsalted butter in a sauce pot. Add in sweet potato paste and sugar. Stir to combine. Divide into balls of 8, 30g each. Set aside in the fridge.


Steamed Bun

lukewarm water 220g
instant yeast 4g
sugar 40g
medium protein flour  400g
veg oil 10g
purple sweet potato  75g

Dissolve yeast in warm water in a bowl for 5mins. Into the same bowl, pour everything except purple sweet potato. Knead into a smooth surface dough. Take out 400g of the dough and mix with the sweet potato paste. This will become the purple dough. Divide the remaining white dough into 8 pcs of round balls, wrap around the fillings.

Roll out the sweet potato dough into 11cm and divide into 8pcs. Wrap around the 8pcs of white dough + fillings. Cut a cross on the top and proof for 30mins in a warm place. Steam 18-20mins.

Note: I Omitted the white dough because I have no time to shape them into flowers. Actually I used around 300g flour. Bao will turn slightly bigger when after steamed.

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